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ANARTHAS CD digipack (2018)

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ANARTHAS full-length album
1. Impossible is nothing (03:52)
2. Breakout season (03:53)
3. Cornerstone (04:07)
4. Dare to fail (04:03)
5. Anarthas (03:44)
6. Adharma (03:19)
7. Timeless (04:46)
8. Re-cycle (02:57)
9. Karmageddon (03:54)
10. Hold on forever (05:27)

All songs produced, mixed and mastered by Uroš Boršič, except »Breakout Season« by Damir Juretič.
All synths recorded by Uroš Boršič, except for the song »Breakout Season« by Damir Juretič.
All songs recorded at 432Hz.

Lyrics for »Breakout Season« by Aleksander Kolar & Inmate.
Guest vocals for »Breakout Season« by Aleksander Kolar.
Guest vocals for »Anarthas« by Giani Poposki (Noctiferia).
Guitar solo for »Impossible Is Nothing« by Igor Nardin (Noctiferia).

Song themes inspired by Vedic literature and other books for personal development.

Cover art and booklet design by Iana Kušer.
Photography by Marko Duplišak.
Project ANARTHAS was supported by Municipality Velenje.

Published in 2018, Slovenia